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Instructor Zoey Heath:

Since receiving her first film SLR in 2005, Zoey Heath has pursued photography passionately and has won both international and local awards for her work.

Zoey became interested in photography while pursuing a degree in film and working on film sets between 2005-2008. From university, she entered a three year course to train as a professional photographer at Conestoga College. While at college, she became known for her creative approach to colour, composition and her attention to detail. Zoey has worked in a variety of photographic fields and has been hired by Wilfred Laurier University, The Arts Council of Canada and America Online. She also runs her own wedding, portrait and boudoir business, Arts & Craft Photography.

Zoey is a passionate feminist, Bob Dylan fanatic and tea drinker. She loves films from the 1960′s, moon watching, political ranting, potted plants, and reading books. Her favorite photographers include, Edward Burtynsky, Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon and Stephen Shore.

Her awards, fashion and personal work can be seen at

Her wedding, portrait and boudoir photography can be seen at Arts& 



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